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Óscar Rodríguez Fernández
Because Europe doesn´t need to rebuild walls. It´s time to take action in our continent to guarantee this FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT! ...
Christos Avdellas
Luada Toro
I believe it is a humans right to choose his destinations and be free to travel around Europe and beyond. ...
Paul Nemitz
Europe has far lower internal mobility than the US - and lower birthrates too. We need more mobility for growth ...
Willem Maas
Free Movement of Persons is the central element of European Citizenship, an idea that has animated the European integration process ...
Zakeera Suffee
In times where the rights we have left are already so few, protecting those that enable the search for a ...
Colin Yeo
I have benefited hugely from free movement around the United Kingdom (Scottish mother, English father, born in one region, brought ...
Hans Mund
Living in Europe is only possible when it does mean that we can move and live where ever on the ...
Niccolo Milanese
Our lives are bigger than their borders. Free movement is one of the most valued EU rights, because it represents ...
Yves Pascouau
Freedom of movement of persons in Europe is a major achievement. It is a pillar of EU history and portrays ...
Ettore Recchi
I have been studying free movement in Europe for more than a decade and found out that it is a ...
Lora Ivanova
Because I am a member of the world
Yuri Kazepov
Would be difficult to foster European integration without proper movements across boarders.
Martin Macdonald
Home Office refused my wife a visa. We are trying to exercise our treaty rights, with great difficulty at ...
Monika Dorniak
By limiting an individuals freedom one limits the growth of a persons individuality.
Paul Smits
AEGEE-Europe is belonging to the group of European students’ non-governmental organisations. It represents 13 000 students in 40 countries in ...
Brikena Xhomaqi
Because freedom is the cornerstone of Europe.
Mathias Darmell
Petko Georgiev
Free movement is the single most important benefit citizens have from being a part of the Union, it is what ...
Jo Shaw
United Kingdom
As an academic working in the field of free movement (and EU law generally) since the 1980s, I find it ...
Valerie Nordberg
I believe the concept of a United Europe to be a sensible one and hope that in the future the ...
Anthony Valcke
Free movement is a fundamental right!
Thomas Muller
I like to move, why shouldn\'t other people?
Elaine Chase
Because I am a firm believer in free movement and the associated social rights that accompany free movement.
Martin Seeleib-Kaiser
United Kingdom
Freedom of movement and EU Citizenship are core and essential elements of EU integration.
Cecilia Bruzelius
Because I am an EU-migrants who have benefited enormously from freedom of movement at a personal and professional level. Every ...
Jacob Emmanuel
Without freedom of movement in Europe, one can hardly speak of a single Europe. Without this freedom it will remain ...
Stefano Michelini Michelini
Because only thanks to this ability to move to another country I could choose the right path for me
Galina Kostadinova